Experience the allure of enchanting radiance with Luxe Blooms' Glittered Roses Collection. Elevate your floral arrangements to a new level of sophistication as we infuse a touch of glamour and sparkle into the timeless beauty of roses.

Our Glittered Roses are a testament to the fusion of classic charm and modern elegance. Each petal is delicately adorned with a shimmering layer of glitter, adding a mesmerizing and radiant quality to the blooms. The result is a truly captivating and luxurious floral arrangement that exudes glamour.

Available in an array of enchanting colors, our Glittered Roses allow you to tailor your bouquet to the mood and occasion. Whether you're celebrating a joyous event, expressing love, or simply seeking to make a statement, these glitter-kissed roses offer a dazzling and unforgettable experience.

The glittered effect on our roses is meticulously applied to ensure a tasteful and refined appearance, transforming your bouquet into a work of art. Embrace the opulence of glittered roses and let them be the centerpiece of your most memorable moments. Prices vary between $5-$10.

Illuminate your emotions with Luxe Blooms' Glittered Roses.

$5.00 Starting price

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