Explore the art of personalization with our exquisite Toppers Collection, designed to add a touch of flair and individuality to your floral arrangements. From regal crowns to elegant stones, playful bows, and delicate butterflies, our collection of toppers transforms your bouquets into bespoke masterpieces.

Crown your floral creation with a majestic touch by choosing our regal crown topper. Perfect for celebrations of grandeur, this elegant addition complements our sophisticated arrangements, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

For those seeking a touch of natural charm, our stone topper provides a rustic and earthy element to your bouquet. Enhance the organic beauty of your blooms with this unique addition, creating an arrangement that captivates with both elegance and grounded simplicity.

Add a playful and festive element to your bouquets with our selection of bows, bringing a sense of celebration to any occasion. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or joyous event, our bow toppers infuse a lively spirit into your floral gestures.

Let your imagination take flight with our delicate butterfly toppers, symbolizing transformation, beauty, and grace. Paired with our exquisite floral arrangements, these toppers create a whimsical and enchanting display that captures the essence of nature's wonders.

Dive into the world of possibilities with Luxe Blooms' Toppers Collection, curated to enhance the beauty of your bouquets with unique and personalized finishing touches. Prices vary between $5-$50.

Make a statement with every bouquet; choose Luxe Blooms.

$5.00 Starting price

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